Welcome to TorPress!

TorPress is a new project by TorVPS to make the creation of WordPress-based sites even easier.

Before you register, please read all of the information here–especially the information about the email address used to register.

Register a new site now!

Over the three years that TorVPS has been operating, WordPress blogs are by far the most common site that people have chosen to host. To make this process even easier, TorPress will allow people to register WordPress sites that will be available at subdomain.torpress2sarn7xw.onion. Custom .onion domains may be a possibility in the future.

Right now, the registration system requires a valid email address. It will almost certainly be unable to deliver to any mail service outside of onionland. Therefore, to register, it is highly recommended to sign up for a free email account at TorBox or SIGAINT and if you use SIGAINT, be sure to use the .onion email address when registering. (Note that the TorPress mail server may be able to deliver to other .onion email providers, but it is currently untested.)

This is an extremely basic WordPress installation and only contains the included plugins, themes, and so on. If you would like an additional theme or plugin, feel free to comment here or email TorPress.